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Waterproofing DeLS

Single-component colored spraying mastic for the basement waterproofing and roofing.

The only One of its kind: it may be used for application to damp surfaces withoutany  loss of adhesion to the base.

It allows to operate in a wide temperature range: from -20°C, in any weather regardless of the season; it remains flexible at temperatures as low as -78°C and resistant to +215°C.

It forms the seamless heavy-duty membrane after the application which is resistant to mechanical stress, temperature extremes and corrosive environments.

standard colors

You can choose the color from the line of standard colors or order any color in the RAL lors table.


The basic version of the product’s family: for the basements waterproofing and underground structures, basements, interstorey coverings, etc.

The optimal "price-quality" ratio.

It characterized by the superior adhesion over the entire surface including the wet substrate and creates the high strength coating, resistant to corrosive acid and alkaline environments.


The best member of the "DeLS®" family combines all the innovations and all of the major advantages of the base material with greater mechanical strength with the best elasticity, increased solids, excellent resistance to aggressive environments and UV, unmatched adhesion to any, even wet, surface (traction on a wet concrete is 18 kg/cm2).

Any color of your choice is available for the same cost. The beautiful, practical and reliable roofing/ waterproofing material which isamazingly easy to use and does not require the complicated preparation or priming of the surface.

If You are an experienced roofer or a novice - the result will be equally as good !

You are always professional with DeLS®-WR!


"DeLS®- WRD" - the most durable and reliable kind of "DeLS®", with improved strength and resistance to aggressive acid and alkaline environments. 

Combines all the best features of "DeLS®-WR" with greater mechanical strength of the finished coating, better adhesion and increased solids. 

Ideal for use on the most important objects and provides better waterproofing and corrosion protection in corrosive environments.


ДЕЛЬС.jpg100% polymer composition, ease of use, unsurpassed adhesion and effectiveness of the finished coating, high application speed at the lowest labor costs! It can be applied with the hand tools or the standard spraying equipment with speed of up to 1000 m2 of the finished coating per day by one team of 2-3 workers.


  1. Applied to MOIST SUBSTRATES. Thus, all the properties of the material and the strength of adhesion to the base fully retains;
  2. Ability to apply at low temperatures (up to -20°C/-4°F);
  3. Super-resistance to mechanical damages;
  4. 30 years life, exceptional resistance to weather conditions (stabile at temperatures from -50°C/-58°F  to 215°C/419°F, maintaining flexibility to -50°C/-58°F). Super-resistance to mechanical damage. Super-resistance to UV radiation;
  5. Seamless cover forms an integral membrane including joints places; 
  6. High adhesion of the entire area of ​​coverage which makes it impossible for moisture wicking roofing carpet;
  7. Ease of determining the possible mechanical damage to the finish and ease of repair;
  8. High elasticity, absolute resistance to vibration and shifting of the building constructions;
  9. High speed of work : up to 1,000 m²/16,150 sq.ft. of the covering by 1 workteam (2-3 pers.) within 1 day (with mechanized method of application );
  10. "Cold" method of applying does not require the material heating and/or open flame use.  Curing occurs by evaporation of the solvent with a dry residue of 67.5%.


The composition is applied with the "cold" method of application; the curing occurs by the solvent evaporation with a dry residue of 67.5%. Any color (from the RAL standard table) is available.   »choose the color from RAL table...

The Product has been successfully tested for waterproofing and roofing of the buildings and construction structures: it turns beautiful with the ability to select any color and makes the very efficient and durable cover.


The Product’s performance is several times higher than the current State Standards and Specifications require (the tests results’re confirmed by "NIIMosstroy" State certification center), all materials are certified.


Directions and terms of application:

By an airless-spray machine or brush/roller on a clean, dust-free surface, free of loose coatings and inclusions. The coating and joints may be strengthened by the reinforcing fabric. Recommended temperature for application: from -20°C/-4°F  to +40°C/+104°F.  Drying time : 12 - 24 hours. Thickness of the finished coatings can range from 1mm/0.04in to 4mm/0.16in, depending on the type of coating (roof, basement, wall etc). 


The finished cover thickness can range from 1 to 4 mm depending on the type of coating. The final coating thickness of 1 mm / 0.04 inch of coating thickness requires 3kg of the product per 1m² or 0.2 lb per 1 sq.ft. The required thickness of the coating is applied in one or more operations depending on the desired layer. The surface priming does not required.

Packaging and storage : 

Metal bucket 10-20 kg / 22-44 lb with a re-sealable lid. 

Shelf life - 12 months.

The temperature range of storage and transportation from -40°C/-40°F to +50°C/+122°F. 


Purpose of use:

  • flat and pitched roofs waterproofing;
  • complex geometry roofing with many engineering structures passing through;
  • concrete waterproofing, roofs repair and covering at low operating temperatures;
  • waterproofing, repair and covering of the roofs with normal and high stretch factor;
  • walls, basements and  environments subjected to biological aggressive conditions waterproofing;
  • basement waterproofing, exploited and unexploited roofs on concrete base waterproofing;
  • the rolled or other roofing materials repair;
  • metal pitched roofs repair;
  • retaining walls and basements waterproofing;
  • ponds, pools and reservoirs waterproofing;
  • balconies, terraces and lavatory waterproofing;
  • facades waterproofing.


The Material which forgivesyou any of your mistake! Hot or cold, rain or sun:You are always professional with DeLS®, always on time, always successful!

The Reliable Material which is worth your money!

Recommended application equipment for
  • Airless paint spray machine DutyMax GH300
  • Airless paint spray machine DutyMaxEH200
  • Airless paint spray machine MARK V
  • Airless paint spray machine MARK X

Equipment descriptions and specifications:  find here...

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