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Seams and joints sealant STILMAR

Bicomponent copolymer-mineral sealant for the joints and seams filling.

Cures without shrinkage at all, the absolute efficiency at affordable price! Any color and high speed of work: You just forget about the seams problem. Immediately. For many years.

standard colors

You can choose the color from the line of standard colors or order any color in the RAL rs table.

Product description

1The Sealant does not contain a solvent and water. Can be applied in winter at temperatures down to -20°C. Fireproof, non-toxic. Environmentally friendly.

The key feature is high adhesion to all surfaces.

The finished coating is resistant to UV rays and superstable to aggressive environments. The Product remains flexible at temperatures up to -50°C. Lifetime depends on climatic conditions and is 23-29 years. Operating temperature range varies from +230°C to -70°C.

Polymerization time is 5-8 hours.  Packaging: a plastic bucket - 12 kg. and a canister 2 kg.

Applied with a spatula or a regular brush.


Scope / field of application:

  • interpanel compounds sealing, window openings sealing, folded and movement joints sealing ;
  • internal waterproofing of residential and non-residential premises with high humidity (showers, toilets, laundry, etc.), operated roofs with topcoat (asphalt, tile) sealing, the junction interfaces of vertical and horizontal surfaces sealing,  housetops fittings sealing ;
  • the joints of the different roof fittings with waterproofing carpet (flue pipe, vent pipes, sinks, etc.) sealing ;
  • the folded seams and metal roofs sealing.
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