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Corrosion- resistant protective paint
standard colors

You can choose the color from the line of standard colors or order any color in the RAL lors table.

Product description

Purpose of use: Designed for painting of the metal and concrete surfaces (metal and concrete structures, equipment,лого ельс пеинт and so on), exposed to hard atmospheric and vibraticexposure.

DeLS Paint-100 is characterized by high adhesion to any dry and wet ground, exceptional resistance to UV radiation, deformation and vibration. It does not require priming of the surface and may be applied even on wet surfaces while retaining all the adhesion and performance.

Any color is available.

Quality features:


     1. Any color as per «RAL color table ;
     2. It forms a smooth, semi-gloss, uniform surface coating after drying, without impurities and foreign particles;
     3. Mass fraction of solids (dry residue) is 51%;
     4. Hiding power of the dried coating is no more than 60 to 100 g per sq.m;
     5. Drying time to degree 3 at the temperature (20±2)°C: not more than 3 hours;
     6. The elasticity and durability of the coating in the temperature range from -70°C to +200°C;
     7. The relative elongation at break of the finished coating is at least: 450%;
     8. Adhesion strength to the base: dry - not less than 1.9 MPa (19 kgf/cm2); wet - not less than 1.5 MPa (15 kgf/cm2).

Ingredients: Block copolymer product with the addition of organic solvents.

Surface preparation: degreasing and mechanical cleaning of the surface from dust, dirt, scale is necessary before applying. Complete drying and surface-coating is NOT required.

The method and conditions of application: The product is suppliedas fully ready to use and requires no additional dissolution. Before use, the product must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the surface using a hand tool or standardairless equipment. The number of coats recommended- 2, the thickness of the dried coatings recommended -50 microns.

Drying: Drying time of the one coat at a temperature of 20±2°C and a relative humidity of 65±5% is less than 3 hours. Drying time may vary depending on humidity and temperature, as well as the intensity of the air at the surface.

Consumption: The estimated consumption of the product for a single coat is 100- 180 g/sq.m.

Transport and storage: in a tightly closed manufacturer’s container, protected from heat and direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.

Packaging: metal packaging, 20L with a tight cover.

Precautions: the working area must be airedduring the painting works, as well as after their completion. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands. Keep away from fire.

Recommended application equipment for
  • Airless paint spray machine DutyMax GH300
  • Airless paint spray machine DutyMaxEH200
  • Airless paint spray machine MARK V
  • Airless paint spray machine MARK X

Equipment descriptions and specifications:  find here...

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