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Sprayable polymeric coatings

"GOODWILL Group" - developer and manufacturer of innovative roofing, waterproofing and corrosion-resistant polymeric coatings.
All of the products are developed by the GOODWILL research laboratory and manufactured by our own production facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia. All products are certified, its properties and characteristics are confirmed by tests carried out by the leading professional state construction research centers and labs in Russia.

Reliability and quality of the products are confirmed by thousands of real objects on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.


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Sprayed waterproofing

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The common features and benefits of all kinds of GOODWILL’s products are:

  1. The polymer-mineral and block copolymer composition only, without bitumen and other perishable ingredients and excipients;
  2. Unique characteristics and unsurpassed technical characteristics of finished surfaces;
  3. Simplicity and ease of use: using both hand tools and regular spraying equipment;
  4. The ability to use in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, regardless of the season and the climate zones, on the different working surfaces;
  5. High speed operation with minimal labor cost;
  6. The same and high quality, always.



RAL-table colors available for DeLS®, TITAN II and STILMAR...


"GOODWILL" products form a seamless membrane with excellent adhesion to any base which stops any water leakage, even in case of the surface deformation ; protects against corrosion, mold and mildew; resistant to temperature changes, snow, ice, UV rays; ideally suited to different climatic zones and conditions, with a lifetime of up to 50 years.


Through continuous communication and consultation with our clients, our company has developed the sprayed products which are ideal for both professionals and newcomers in waterproofing and roofing for the following types of objects:

  • military objects;
  • hydroengineering objects (hydroelectric power stations, dams, reservoirs, river locks, boat lifts, canals, wells, water mills, fountains, pools, shore facilities, etc.);
  • civil engineering objects (houses, hotels, trade and catering objects, education centers, health and child care centers, theaters, sports facilities, libraries, museums, office buildings, consumer services and public utilities obects, etc.);
  • industrial objects (infrastructure building, factories, manufacturing plants, engineering facilities, chemical industry objects, metallurgy objects, etc.);
  • transport facilities (railway, road, water, air transport objects construction and reconstruction ; highways, track structures, electrification devices, road and airfield coverings, bridges, tunnels and subways, berths in the sea and river ports, channels, main oil and gas pipelines, railway stations and depots, common service, technical and other transportation buildings).
Cooperation with GOODWILL

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